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Connecting Dots


Its not “our journey” but a journey of those who firmly believe in larger realities; who are beyond the trap of minuscule benchmarks and have power and courage to explore the “UNN SEEN”; for those who belong to the “UNN” SIDE


The side that’s dominant and real; YET UNN-identified and UNN-ACCESSED! The side where “Time is a Dimension”, “Gravity is a curvature” and “Magnetic Fields are nautical navigators”


  • We love to figure out the HOW part.

  • UNN-ending possibilities are a reality for us.

  • We can think quantum dimensions, infinity, and multiverse.

  • Puzzles & mazes simply pull us.

  • When we travel, we discover.

  • We are a company to the world and to ourselves.

  • We have our unique style.

  • We think about space, time & matter.

  • We love to decode, UNN-fold, and UNN-earth.

  • We use science and technology to simplify.

  • Our vocab is language agnostic.

  • We are active, our minds are super-active.

  • We are really good at what we like to do.

  • For us, what doesn’t exist may be yet not discovered.

  • There has to be a science to madness.

  • We love the UNN-explored and the non-accessed.

  • We run, we bike, we trek, we dive, we sail, we hike.

  • We belong to space and not just a city, country, or planet.

  • We know history as well as science behind things.

  • We love to expedite in nautical miles.

  • For us, ships connect to both – the sea and the space.

Contact Us


Uspire Essentials

Head Quarters

124 City Road,

London, UK


Regional Office

902, Kumar Parasmani, Ghatkopar East,

Mumbai 400086

+91 9820798741


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